Buying Houses and Renovating Them for Profit

My wife and I buy houses that are available at a bargain, and we fix them up and sell them for a profit. We got the idea from a television show that airs here. Apparently, it is also a popular thing in the States. I have a cousin who lives there, and he tells me they have TV shows about flipping houses too. It is not a bad way to make a living if you do it right. We do not have any of the drama they have on the TV shows. We buy flooring, roofing and gutters in Perth, and we get electrical, plumbing and lots of other materials at home centers. I worked for years building homes, so I can do a lot of the renovations with the help of my wife.

We keep our labor costs low by doing as much of the work that we can on our own. We hire others when the work is extensive or will take too much time. You do not want to be paying on a mortgage as it will eat into your profits. Continue reading →