Decorating Arched And Transom Windows

Homebuyers want light, light and more light. So when they walk through a home Decorating Arched And Transom Windowswith transom windows and arched palladium windows, they fall in love.

Soon after moving in, however, the honeymoon period fades. That transom window over the sliding doors offers a not-so-lovely view of the ceiling of the porch. And the arch over the front door can seem very plain without an expensive treatment.

Replacing the window with decorative glass would be cost-prohibitive, and even window coverings – which often must be custom made for such specialized sizes – would be pricey. What’s more, a window covering could block most of the natural light the glass lets in; eliminating the very reason the windows were attractive in the first place.

Many homeowners are finding an affordable solution in “Wallpaper” for Windows! by EtchArt.

For as little as $25 for a transom window or $50 for an arched window, Wallpaper for Windows gives windows the look of etched or stained glass, improving the situation without blocking the light. Installation takes just minutes, with no more tools required than a spray bottle.

Adhesive-free Wallpaper for Windows uses a patented static cling film to adhere to the glass. When it is time to redecorate, it pulls off easily, leaving no residue, and can be reused elsewhere.

Expect to field some questions if you choose to use Wallpaper for Windows, “My neighbor asked me about it immediately,” said Jeanne Grier, a Cleveland resident who uses the product on several windows in her home. “It was very easy, very easy,” she said.