Lodge Style Interior Decorating

Lodge style interior decoration, also called rustic or Adirondack style, evokes a strong feeling of those days spent in a summer camp by a lake or a hiking trip taken on a wild trail. Of late, many families are switching over to this style to bring that elusive feeling of nature into their home. Lodge style interior decorating could be the ultimate eco-experience for many people; recreating the natural ambience of a nature camp seems to be one of the objectives.

However, to understand nature and recreating it in an artificial set up may be full of hassles; establishing a clear objective seems to be the first step in this direction. Just trying to visualize the natural elements and developing a clear concept is the first step in this direction. Trying to work with this motive to develop other d├ęcor will be a bright idea.

Look out for a theme as the first correct step; it might work as a dose of inspiration for establishing accessories. An artificial wall paper border is a starting point and this can be re-modified later for a better, new decorative scheme. Probably the most important factor that affects the look and feel of a log cabin will be the choice of a compatible color palette. Nature has a range of colors; profusions of dark greens and browns, milder hues of golden grass and blues and passionate splashes of brilliant reds are all part of nature. Probably nature’s own color, green is the most compatible color and no color can bring the nature inside like this color! Green is complimentary to any other color and the whole room can be more attractive along with green. However, always decorate with neutral or soft colors; cream matched with soft grey or Ming green coupled with lighter yellows is always treat to watch. A cool mountain side river border scene surrounded with green trees, bluish skies and grayish valley makes an excellent theme for a marriage of blues and greens.

The look of wood is extremely important; a mix of natural and unpainted wooden logs and pieces are often the best suited for this purpose. Furniture in craft style blends the best in lodge cabin because of its straight lines and form. Trying to find furniture that is too rustic is a better idea to recreate that log feeling. It is preferable to have minimal detailing in the larger pieces, but worn out finishes might look well. Old trunks and suitcases might serve as good coffee or side tables. They also serve as dual advantages of surfaces of storage and display.

All natural materials like old blankets, colorful vintage table cloths can be used as window toppers or pillow covers. Angling and fish trophies available in bargain sales can be hung as wall art or in display windows; this activity also enables a strong conversation with the owner. Old frames with borders can be a nice wall art and the texture of these frames can be the focal point of any log cabin. Pottery, if any, can always be mixed with books and flower vases.

Family trophies and mementos can be arranged symmetrically with photographs framed in all-wooden frames. Bamboo made baskets and art pieces, when hung look natural, lending that feeling of being in a forest. Wall scones add depth to any cabin and also help to create a strong focal point. Log style homes add variety and spice to our life; strong memories of nature are always recalled and recreated in a serene, tranquil manner. It is no wonder that more and more urban-weary people seeking solace of a Lodge cabin to seek that comfort, often missing in their life.