Decorating Ideas For Kids Bathrooms

Since kids tend to start and end the day in the bathroom, giving it a “good vibe” is important. Bright colors and fun touches will help them start and end the day with a smile. But decorating a child’s bathroom isn’t all about fun, you want it to be functional, too. Making it easy for your kids to keep their bathroom tidy is an added bonus.

Since most bathroom spaces are small, save the murals for the kids’ bedrooms. A lively shade is all that’s needed to bring bathroom walls to life. Naturally, if you’re going with a theme, it will dictate the color you choose. For example, turquoise is a perfect fit for an underwater scheme, a sky fantasy bathroom might have walls painted robin’s egg blue, and a soft green makes the perfect backdrop for a jungle-themed bathroom. Stencils and vinyl decals let you add character to the walls, while a peppy-printed shower curtain pulls the whole look together.

If the bath/shower enclosure is glass enclosed, you can pep it up with vinyl window decals in fun designs. Be sure to use the type that adheres by static cling instead of adhesive. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time scraping old adhesive off the glass when your child outgrows the pattern. Another fun way to decorate a glass shower or bathtub door is to let your child design her own window “stickies” with a craft kit you can purchase at most toy or craft stores. Kids squeeze a gel out of a bottle and onto a piece of parchment type paper. It dries into a soft, rubbery type of plastic that clings to glass surfaces. Kids love both the creativity as well as taking part in decorating “their” bathroom.

Don’t forget to add safety to your design list. Whether you choose a rubber bath mat or non-slip adhesive decals, make sure the bottom of the tub or shower your child will use has a bottom covering that provides traction. Make those decals or bath mats a bright color, and you’ll draw your child’s attention as he steps in, subtly developing a safety habit of looking where you step. Be sure, too, that any throw rugs on the floor outside the tub have a non-slip backing to keep kids from falling and hitting their heads on the tub. In addition, big, knobby clothes hooks will cause less head pain when bumped than pointed hooks. And, if you are adding a step stool to help little ones reach the faucet, be sure the bottom is equipped with non-skid rubber footings.