Basic Guidelines for Your Window Treatment

Why is it important to dress up the window ?

There are many reasons. Firstly, you beautify your home environment. It makes your home cosy. Cloth fabrics also serve to act as sound absorber and dampener reducing disturbing echoes if you talk loudly. This also applies if you are watching TVs or playing the stereos in a room with barren walls. Thirdly, it gives you control over the amount of sunlight streaming into the room. If the morning sun is shining brightly, you can always draw the curtain so the glare will not be upon your eyes. The curtain can also serve as the barrier against the hot temperature outside the house. Lastly, with home apartments built nearer to each other, the curtain provide you with a sense of privacy. By drawing your curtain there will be no intrusion or prying eyes into your movement in the house.

Here are some tips when choosing a curtain.

Make sure your fabric you choose does not shrink, otherwise your investment goes down the drain. Alternatively , you may want to pick a longer fabric with a larger hem. In the event the material does shrink you can always re-do the hem length. Also consider how much afternoon sun the room is exposed to. It is advisable not to use silk fabric as they tend to fade in strong sunlight.

You also need to consider what room you are putting on the curtain. The living room is more formal where guest are seated so more grand or formal curtains are suitable. The study room will look good with curtains that make it look business like and masculine. Curtains in a bedroom usually convey intimacy and warmth. Here are examples of bedroom curtains. Lastly, curtains that are bright and colorful do well in children’s bedroom.

It’s best to install a curtain on a large window or sliding door way as a large curtain looks commanding and majestic with large amounts of fabric. Small window look better with window blinds rather than curtain.

Most probably your walls are white and you should pick curtains with colors similar to white which will match the colors of your wall. What you can do if you prefer darker tones is to select a trim that matches the color of the wall. Alternatively, you can pick a fabric that combines both dark and lighter colors.